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23 August 2007 @ 10:44 am
Geography: B
Sociology: B
English: B
English Lit.: B
French: B
Science: BB
Maths: B

Well.. That was strange.

..How the heck did I get a B in French? ..I swear I did foundation, I should have only been able to get a C max, but I suppose not..

..And RE! I hate that religion, I know I got a lot of the questions wrong, yet I managed a B..?!

Maths I am pleased about. VERY pleased. I was forced to take higher, and I didn't even get a passing grade in it during the mock, yet I got a B in the real thing! Yaaay.

I thought I would've gotten an A in geography..

BUT! I suppose they all evened out? So all is good in the end. Instead of getting three C's and an extra A like I thought, I got all B's with one A. Which I guess is better. No C's, YAY!

It was strange though, I wasn't nervous or anything when I went to get them, I don't feel disappointed or happy about what I got, I really couldn't care less. For some reason. I don't get it, I thought these would be important? Shouldn't I feel something, at least? That's worrying me more than anything else.

But still. YAY! All B's and an A!

..Even though I swear the French and RE B's are wrong.. But I won't complain about that :P

Hopefully they will let me do Chemistry and Biology in September, though. The ICT teacher said I was definitely on the Computing course, and the Geography teacher was overly enthusiastic when I mentioned doing geography to her, soo.. yeah.