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23 July 2007 @ 05:44 pm
ARRRRGH. floods are not fun.  
Frickin' flooding ruining my friggin' plans.

kso. Interview today! Just cancelled as the manager can't get to the cafe due to being flooded in.

I wasn't notified, of course. But I can't really blame her for that seeing as how stressful this is.

Mum just came home saying that her work will most likely be flooded tonight/tomorrow, and that, not only the water, but the electricity and phone lines are down there as well.. Which must be hard seeing as it is a day care centre for people with learning difficulties, with a few who stay there over night and such.

No water. None. At all. Even those big blue severn water things on the street are dry. I have half a bottle of water to last me until the blue thing is filled. Apparently the water will be out for around a week, though some people are telling me it's a fortnight.

The telewest/virgin whatcha thingy TV box isn't working, either. So we are stuck to BBC1, BBC2 and ITV with a fuzzy C4 currently.. But at least the internet works so I have something to do, eh?

So that's.. No running water/low supplies, pretty much constant rain, not much food as we need to wait 'til mums pay day to go shopping, The chance of the electricity and internet going at any time, (as well as phone lines? Not too sure..?) A freezing cold old house, and no where to go as.. Well, places are flooded.

Ah well, it'll be over soon and we'll be back to normal. Just need to keep going.. Right?

But.. Yuck. No shower for a week. D:

OHYEAH! When I went down to ASDA to see about my interview in the cafe part(Not my choice) there was this big sign saying that water sales are limited to only a few bottles per customer. Made me laugh, especially when i turned and saw some chavvy teenage cow with her child and dickhead of a boyfriend carrying what seemed like a years supply of bottled water.
1499frostbite1499frostbite on July 25th, 2007 02:45 pm (UTC)
Um.. No.. But thank you anyway, I suppose xD
Aiko number 273aiko273 on July 25th, 2007 02:48 pm (UTC)
....I remember who it is now but I can't remember their lj name. haha, sorry!